I should be writing something intellegent and/or witty here, but right now I'm drawing a blank. Not everything is witty and intellegent, not even the sit coms I force myself to sit through each week day night (or at least the various nights that have 'good' television programing). Music isn't witty, though intellegent it may be but rarely is (Or at least the stuff they feed you, and you eat out of thier dirty hands). The things that are classifieed as witty now are the things that would not be allowed to be spoken about forty or fifty years ago. Things that any person with a brain does not want to hear, but hey, it's comedy, right? Or it's suppose to be anyway. The things that are intellegent now are the tings that science fiction novels where written about forty or fifty years ago, and what the normal mind cannot comprehend. Not to say that if you actualy understand that stuff it's bad or anything. I actualy admire those who can sit down and tell you how something coplex works, but finds somehow to make it simple. Is that what we have become? Dumbly witty, and technological dreamers?

Who am I? I'm your local atheist teenager, product of the public school system, typical in every way. I write angsty poems and stories filled with thoughts that do not flow properly for the fact that I tend to make up words. Don't worry I'm working on the whole angst thing. I'm you're average kid struggling to get through the day, and high school math. Short attention span due to mindless, flashy, entertainment being so close at hand. I'm also working on that. From a small town that will eat your soul if you don't get out, but you'll just come back because you need a job, and you'll probably die there from an over dose of some kind. Sounds like fun, huh?